About Me

I’m the Associate Director of Product Strategy at IQVIA, a data science company that was formerly known as IMS Health. We’re probably one of the primary companies responsible in bringing a cognitive experience to analysts, scientists and doctors. It’s a territory that’s quite unchartered compared to retail and its an exciting time to be here.

I am skilled in designing strategies that significantly impact the user-experience needs of consumers. I value participatory design planning, informed design rationale, and robust user proven interaction models. My background includes multiple design and development disciplines allowing me to understand what is technically efficient and yet intuitively useful human computer interaction. 

The solutions I provide strike a balance between great design, development polish and usefulness.

I believe that user-experience design is more than an artifact or deliverable of “customer thinking”. It is an inclusive process that promotes risk-taking and accountability. Understanding people, culture, and the human experience is necessary to designing and driving the value of user experience within organizations. Additionally, creating this culture within a company is paramount in bridging the gap between technology and people.