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Amazon UAE

Launching Amazon in the Emirates.


At, customers will find the most comprehensive retail selection available to customers in UAE – ranging from the most popular items from the world’s leading brands to unique products that customers can’t find anywhere else – offered at low prices and backed by award-winning customer service, in Arabic and English languages. Imported product is sourced by Amazon’s operations in the US, Europe and Japan, plus sellers in more than 10 countries – giving customers in a single location access to more than 50 million products. 

In addition, local UAE-based sellers offer more than 5 million locally sourced product available for delivery through UAE, including about 10,000 unique products available for next day delivery. To make this happen, several major things needed to be introduced – an RTL experience for the Amazon UI, a well established shipping partner, and a preferred payment experience.

Please view these prototypes on a desktop or a laptop.

The Challenge

  • Needed to visualize and justify the need for right to left languages, primarily all versions of Arabic for the business and engineering teams.

  • 72% of the population there didn’t trust credit cards at the time and preferred cash on delivery.

  • Online retailers like Souq, Noon, Shein, Namshi and Awok were present for over a decade and it was imperative to know the realities of running operations there on a global scale.


The Solution

  • Tested the experience for Payment on Delivery.

  • Created and tested traditional payment cards, digital wallets, and financing arrangements.

  • Created prototypes in Arabic to test the intricacies of interaction models using AUI components for desktop and mobile.


My Role

I was the lead User Experience Designer for and employed the following methods:

  • Contextual walkthrough to learn about how users, local sellers and international sellers would communicate and interact at every level.

  • Built interactive prototypes to test with users and present the web lab data to research and engineering teams.

  • Created an inventory of all widgets on all relevant Amazon pages for web and mobile to present to the localization (Mojibake) team for validation.

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