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At, customers will find the most comprehensive retail selection available to customers in UAE – ranging from the most popular items from the world’s leading brands to unique products that customers can’t find anywhere else – offered at low prices and backed by award-winning customer service, in Arabic and English languages. Imported product is sourced by Amazon’s operations in the US, Europe and Japan, plus sellers in more than 10 countries – giving customers in a single location access to more than 50 million products. In addition, local UAE-based sellers offer more than 5 million locally sourced product available for delivery through UAE, including about 10,000 ASINs available for next day delivery. To make this happen, two major things needed to be introduced – an RTL experience for the Amazon UI, and a different payment experience.

ClientAmazonServicesInternational ExpansionYear2016


  • Over the years, Amazon’s UI (AUI) was built in different groups and unlike Material UI, there was no way to make it right-to-left(RTL) for semitic languages
  • We needed to provide significant justification in the form of metrics to introduce RTL
  • 72% of the population there didn’t use credit cards and relied on cash on delivery so a payment system serving the customers there needed to be introduced


  • Introduced Payment on Delivery for
  • Created an RTL version of AUI for desktop and mobile
  • Translated the product details for 10 million ASINs to Arabic
  • Introduced free listings to 3P sellers for

Senior User Experience Designer

I was the lead User Experience Designer for and employed the following methods:

  • Contextual walkthrough to learn about how users, local sellers and international sellers would communicate and interact at every level
  • Built interactive prototypes to test with users and present the web lab data to research and engineering teams
  • Created an inventory of all widgets on all relevant Amazon pages for web and mobile to present to the localization (Mojibake) team for validation

Sketch, Axure, AUI, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint

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