Flight Deck of the Future

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ClientBoeingServicesFlight ServicesYear2012


  • Current data isn’t refreshed in time
  • Difficult to make routing decisions
  • Software upgrade is a manual process
  • Heavy and hard to manage flight maps


  • Real-time, accurate, complete updates to data and information
  • Tools to help pilots make efficient routing decisions
  • Provide an open architecture to support airline customization, flexible and automatic upgrades to software and support third party applications 
  • Every flight map and alternate paths carried on a slim and light iPad that integrates with the Multi Function Display

Senior User Experience Designer

I was the lead User Experience Designer for Boeing Flight Operations and employed the following methods:

  • Deep study of workflows of pilots, first officers, ground operations roles
  • Collaboration and strategic planning with pilots and engineers to devise a incremental feature launch roadmap.
  • Working with the industrial design teams at payload concepts as well as Honeywell to unify the hardware and software efforts
  • Designing the architecture and UI for the new touch enabled flight deck experience

Microsoft Visio, Adobe Illustrator

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